Jun 24, 2022
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The Best Workout to Try for Your Zodiac Sign

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Everyone has a distinct workout personality. But how can you connect that to your star sign? Find out now.
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Everyone has a distinct “workout personality,” or the style of workouts they naturally gravitate toward. Maybe you’re a long distance runner, or you tend to opt for challenging high-impact workouts, like HIIT or spinning classes. Maybe you instead have a preference for grounding yoga flow sessions, or try to make your sweat sessions as fun as possible to distract yourself from the fact that you’re working out, and instead on simply enjoying moving your body. Whatever your workout personality, you can align it with the traits of your sun sign—and let it help you identify the sweat-busting activity you’ll add to your fitness regimen next. 

Even if you don’t know anything about astrology, it’s easy to see that it’s having a real moment. And the appreciable thing about modern astrology is that you can take exactly what resonates with you, and leave everything else. Don’t relate to what your horoscope says for you today? You can choose to forget about it and move on with your day. But if you want to let your zodiac sign create a blueprint for trying new things you may enjoy—like a  dynamic new workout routine, for example—this is where things can really get interesting, even if you’re a “nonbeliever.” 

Don’t know your sign? You can look it up on an online birth chart generator. Then, keep reading to find out how you may want to break a sweat next. 

Aries. As an animated fire sign, Aries does best when engaged in a practice that guarantees they’ll break a sweat—and helps them expend all that excess energy. “For Aries, any activity that awakens their inner warrior is an ideal exercise,” shares writer, astrologer, and intuitive Maria Sofia Marmanides. “It’s what makes an activity like cardio kickboxing ideal for them to be able to channel their energy as they focus on mastering their form and improving their self-defensive skills.” 

Taurus. “As a grounded, earthy sign, Taurus has a deep appreciation for the outdoors, so they will thrive with any activity that combines exploring nature with long treks that get their heart pumping,” Maria explains. “For a more daily activity, a walk, jog, or run around their neighborhood is the perfect exercise—and then scaling it up for a hike in a national park that doubles as a camping trip.” 

This undoubtedly will help bring Taurus back to earth. And we mean that literally—they are an earth sign, after all. 

Gemini. Geminis will love a workout class that matches their high energy, while also helping them to kick some butt. As an air sign, “Geminis love variety, which makes a HIIT class the perfect way to ensure both their muscles and minds are constantly engaged as they move from one interval set to the next,” Maria shares. “The added bonus: It gets their Active Zone Minutes up and then they can compare with their friends!” 

Cancer. Anything that can help water sign Cancer feel a sense of embodiment is the way to go. An intentional Hatha yoga class is a great option—especially if Cancer is feeling out of sorts. “Grounding and meditation is super important for a Cancer as they are a sign that’s known to feel their emotions very intensely,” Maria adds. “Engaging in a Hatha yoga class—either in the studio, online, or via Fitbit Premium—can help them focus their breath and sensory regulation, while deep stretching will assist in releasing stored energy.” 

Leo. For Leo, something both sweat-busting and not a little ostentatious is the move. If they can flaunt what they’ve got, fire sign Leo will have the time of their lives. “No one loves the spotlight like a Leo, so an activity that makes them feel like they can take center stage and be creative—while simultaneously burning calories—all but guarantees they’ll never miss a class,” says Maria. “Leos can try a dance cardio workout or even a pole dancing class so they can exercise while a club-themed playlist pumps in the background.” 

Virgo. You know what they say about pilates and barre classes—it’s the micro movements that make all the difference. For detail-oriented earth sign Virgo, nothing could be more true. “As a very meticulous sign, Virgos thrive when there is a defined process and purpose to even the smallest of movements,” Maria expands. “They should consider a barre or Pilates reformer class, which are quieter, more methodical kinds of exercise, that allow them to work a large muscle group like their core through refining even the tiniest of muscle tenses.” 

Libra. This air sign does particularly well when they’re involved in a sports team or other community-building workout activity. “As the social butterfly of the zodiac, Libras do well in any kind of group sport,” says Maria. “Having a weekly game or practice with their teammates ensures they’ll have an activity on their calendar that they’ll look forward to going to. Libras can sign up for a weekly kickball, volleyball, or softball league—or even consider a team walking or running club.” 

Scorpio. Scorpio really can be a force to be reckoned with—whether at the gym or otherwise. “Scorpios can be intense, so any activity that can provide tranquility is ideal,” shares Maria. “They are a water sign, so they naturally thrive with aquatic sports as water-based activities can be very soothing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. An activity like stand-up paddle boarding allows them to work independently in a peaceful, calm environment.” 

Plus, the Scorpion thrives in times of transformation, and so a workout that they can really feel throughout the entire body is where they feel most empowered. 

Sagittarius. Anything adventurous goes for fire sign Sagittarius. Many are fans of adventure sports, and if they’re on the move, they’re happy. “Sagittarius loves to explore, so they’ll thrive with an activity that allows them to experience a rapid change of scenery and above all, is fun,” Maria says. “Rollerblading is the perfect way for them to get their adrenaline pumping and never repeat the same experience, as something in the environment will change as they whisk through town day after day, either with a friend or solo.” 

Capricorn. Is there a more industrious sign than Capricorn? This earth sign certainly prefers to work hard, play hard. Get them to a rock-climbing gym after a stressful day at work, and they’ll gladly bust a sweat—and in the process, more than likely have a lightbulb moment of inspiration. “Heights are important to Capricorn, the sign of the goat that loves to climb tall mountains or scaling seemingly gravity-defying peaks,” Maria explains. “A session in a rock-climbing gym or jumping through stations at an indoor trampoline park will get their heart rate pumping and give them a sense of accomplishment, too.” 

Aquarius. The ever unique Aquarius is both self-reliant and community-minded. They’re up for pretty much anything new, unique, and/or with a team—or at least others present to witness their skills. “Aquarius is an air sign, making them a highly conceptual sign of thinkers,” says Maria. 

“An activity like aerial yoga keeps them in their element, literally, while also encouraging them to move from staying in their heads to acting through their bodily movements. The added bonus of aerial yoga is that it allows them freedom of motion so they don’t feel overly constrained by rules.” And after all, what better way to show off their bodily prowess than while suspended in the air? 

Pisces. Expressive water sign Pisces will find themselves with pretty much any water-related activity that can help them escape from real life for a little while. Simply immersing themselves in a body of water, whether a pool or dipping beneath the waves of the ocean, is something they’ll find rejuvenating for both body and mind. “Pisces are a deeply contemplative sign,” Maria adds. “Activities like swimming—either in a pool, lake, or ocean—or surfing will not only engage them on that mind-body level, but remind them of their oneness with nature.”

The post The Best Workout to Try for Your Zodiac Sign appeared first on Fitbit Blog.


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