Nov 21, 2022
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The Best Recovery Supplements For Muscle Growth (Guide)

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How To Improve Muscle Recovery | What Are Recovery Supplements | Types Of Muscle Recovery Supplements | Warnings And Side Effects | Disclaimer How
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How To Improve Muscle Recovery | What Are Recovery SupplementsTypes Of Muscle Recovery SupplementsWarnings And Side Effects | Disclaimer

How do you get the most out of your training? By fueling your body with proper nutrients and supporting the gaps with dietary supplements! And that’s where we come into help you determine which recovery supplements to take and when to take them.

Section Divider: Tips To Improve Muscle Recovery

How To Improve Muscle Recovery:

While supplements can support your muscle growth and recovery, it essential to be proactive in your muscle recovery before and after the gym. Here, we’ll discuss ways you can improve muscle recovery today!

Food & Hydration: (1,2,3)

Eating an overall healthy diet is the best way to ensure you’re not missing out on nutrients essential to repairing your muscles and improving performance. This can mean increasing your protein in-take, while reducing consumption of processed foods. But protein isn’t the only star for muscle growth and recovery. You may also want to consider adding more fruits and vegetables throughout your diet. Staying hydrated throughout your day is essential for muscle recovery. In fact, dehydration can impair your muscles’ ability to repair themselves.†

Active-Rest: (4,5)

Active rest days or active recovery means introducing more low-intensity, low-impact exercise that promotes blood flow and tissue repair without further stressing the body. Studies suggest 20 minutes of post-exercise active recovery involving the same muscle groups during exercise is effect at reducing muscle fatigue. Additionally, a separate study found active recovery supported more  training benefits without increasing total training commitment time.†

Sleep: (6,7)

Sleep is often considered the largest part of recovery. In fact, research suggests sleep deprivation is a cause for muscle loss and muscular atrophy. But, sleep deprivation impacts other areas of muscle growth as well. Insufficient sleep can result in a decrease of growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-1), and even testosterone. Where all these hormones can play a large role in maintaining muscle mass. Additionally, insufficient sleep may also increase cortisol and result in fat retention.†

Section Divider: What Are Recovery Supplements

What Are Recovery Supplements? (8,9)

Recovery supplements feature dietary supplements that can support exercise performance, improve protein synthesis, and support overall wellbeing.†

Why Do You Need Recovery Supplements?

When you exercise, fibers in your muscles stretch and tear. Depending on the intensity of your exercise, these micro-tears can result in muscle soreness. Where, during recovery, cells repair these micro-tears muscle fibers. The repaired fibers form new muscle protein strands that can be larger and stronger. But repairing muscle fibers is only one part of the recovery part. During exercise, your body begins to metabolize carbohydrates and fats for ATP in order to contract skeletal muscle. The longer the exercise session, the more substantial the loss from these muscle and adipose tissue triglyceride stores. Here, recovery supplements aim to replenish these stores and increase cellular energy.†

Signs of Overtraining: (10)

  • Fatigue†
  • Loss of Motivation/Concentration†
  • Insomnia†
  • Irritability†
  • Tachycardia†
  • Hypertension†
  • Restlessness or Anxiety†
  • Weight Loss†
  • Muscle Soreness†

Section Divider: Types Of Muscle Recovery Supplements

Types of Muscle Recovery Supplements:

While some recovery supplements support muscle protein synthesis, others reduces muscle soreness. Additionally, there recovery supplements that can assist with reducing muscle fatigue. So what types of muscle recovery supplements are best for you? It depends on your goals!

Here are some of the best recovery supplements for your goals:

Section Divider: Amino Acids

Amino Acids:

Results from research indicate amino acid supplementation may potentially reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness, while improving muscle function, fatigue, and recovery. (11

What Are BCAAs?

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) consist of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Because these amino acids cannot be produced by your body, they are essential and need to be obtained from your diet.

BCAAs Benefits: (11,12,13)

  • Decrease Cortisol Response†
  • May Support Increased Testosterone†
  • Reduce Muscle Damage & Breakdown (Anticatabolic)†
  • Decrease Muscle Fatigue†
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness†

BCAA Dosing:

Recent research suggests 12 g of BCAAs per day is optimal for promoting ergogenic effects. However, a separate study suggests 0.22 g/kg body mass/day of BCAA for eight days is sufficient to reduce perceptions of soreness. (12,13)

Nutrex BCAA 6000:

Nutrex BCAA 6000

Price Per Serving (USD): $.50
Key Features: Enhanced Protein Synthesis†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio†
Flavors: Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Green Apple

How To Take Nutrex BCAA 6000:

The manufacturers recommend mixing one (1) scoop in 8-10oz (250-300 mL) of cold water and drink between meals. On training days drink one serving 30 minutes before or during exercise.

Nutrex BCAA 6000 Review By Samuel: “Excelente produto funciona como esperado (Excellent product works as expected)”

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is another important amino acid for the body, but unlike BCAAs, glutamine is only a conditionally essential amino acid. Conditionally essential amino means the body can produce it naturally, but there may be times you’ll need to supplement it.

Glutamine Benefits: (14,15,16,17,18)

  • Support Immune System†
  • Improve Gut/Digestive Health†
  • Promote Muscle Recovery†
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue†
  • Support Heart Health†

Glutamine Dosing:

Research indicates glutamine may be effective at doses between 15 and 30 g daily or 0.3 g/kg/day.(17,18)

AllMax Nutrition Glutamine:

Price Per Serving (USD): $.19 (1000G)
Key Features: Enhanced Immune Function†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Anti-Catabolic†
Sizes: 100G, 400G, 1000G

How To Take AllMax Nutrition Glutamine:

The manufacturers recommend mixing one (1) rounded teaspoon (5g) in water or juice once daily. For training sessions and athletic events, take approximately 30 minutes prior to training and immediately after training to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown and aid muscle recovery. At times when you are not training, mix 1 rounded teaspoon (5g) in water or juice approximately 45-60 minutes prior to meals.

AllMax Nutrition Glutamine Review By Gilmar: “First time a bought this Allmax Glutamine to help on my recovery. Very happy with the results!”

What Is Creatine?

Creatine, similar to BCAAs, is a combination of three amino acids; L-Arginine, Glycine, L-Methionine. Your body can naturally produce creatine, but its is also stored in the form of phosphocreatine. These creatine stores are primarily in your muscles, where it’s used for energy.†

Creatine Benefits: (19,20,21,22,23)

  • Promoting Strength†
  • Increased Cell Hydration†
  • Reduced Protein Breakdown†
  • Lower Myostatin Levels†
  • Improve Exercise Performance†
  • Boost Muscle Recovery Recovery†
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass†

Creatine Dosing:

Research suggests a dose of 0.3 g/kg/day for 3–5 consecutive days or 20 g/day for 5–7 successive days is sufficient for promoting ergogenic benefits. Whereas taking 3–5 g/day over 4 weeks can increase creatine stores, promote performance, improve recovery, increase muscle growth. (19,21)

Life Extension Creatine Caps:

Price Per Serving (USD): $.17
Key Features: Promotes Exercise Performance†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Supports Energy Metabolism†
Sizes: 120 Caps

How To Take Life Extension Creatine Caps:

The manufacturers recommend taking two (2) capsules twice daily with water or juice, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Life Extension Creatine Caps Review By Ralph: “A same day supplements é um excelente site para comprar autênticos suplementos, recomendo muito. achei essa creatina muito fácil de tomar.comecei a tomar a pouco tempo e já sinto que a minha performance, força já estão melhorando! (Same day supplements is an excellent site to buy authentic supplements, I highly recommend it. I found this creatine very easy to take. I just started taking it and I already feel that my performance and strength are already improving!)”

What Is Citrulline?

Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is commonly supplemented before exercise to promote exercise performance. When supplementing with citrulline, it is metabolized in the kidneys and then converted to the amino acid to l-arginine, which can then increase nitric oxide synthesis.† (24,25)

Citrulline Benefits: (24,25,26,27)

  • Improve Blood Flow†
  • Reduce Fatigue†
  • Increase Power Output†
  • Improve Endurance†
  • Enhance Vasodilation†
  • Increase Protein Synthesis†

Citrulline Dosing:

Research currently suggests a dose of 3 g/day to 10 g/day is sufficient for promoting ergogenic benefits. (24)

NOW Foods L-Citrulline:

NOW L-Citrulline Product Page

Price Per Serving (USD): $.33 (90VCaps)
Key Features: Promotes Exercise Performance†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Supports Protein Metabolism†
Sizes: 90 VCaps, 180 VCaps

How To Take NOW Foods L-Citrulline:

The manufacturers recommend taking one-two (1-2) capsules 1 to 2 times daily between meals.

NOW Foods L-Citrulline Review By Darren: “Taking it for about 3 weeks now and my veins are starting to bulge out with intense workouts.”

Section Divider: Whey Protein


Diet and nutrition play a huge role in your post workout recovery as well. Where researchers indicate the food you consume throughout post-exercise recovery can optimize the skeletal muscle adaptive response, improve protein synthesis, reduce inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).†

Whey Protein:

One of the most popular muscle recovery supplements is whey protein. This is because whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids. However, other options for protein supplements are available for individuals avoiding whey/dairy.

Checkout Vegan Protein Options.

Whey Protein Benefits: (28,29,30,31,32)

  • Enhance GSH Production†
  • Decrease Muscle Soreness†
  • Stimulate IGF4†
  • Reduce Cholesterol†
  • Promote Digestive Function†
  • Support Blood Pressure†
  • Increase Muscle Growth†

Protein Dosages:

Researcher suggests 1.6–2.5 g/kg/day of protein divided in several meals or 20–35 g of protein per meal is optimal for muscle mass maintenance and to catabolism. (32)

Dymatize ISO 100:

Price Per Serving (USD): $1.32 (1.6LB)
Key Features: Super Fast Digesting†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Reduced Soreness†
Flavors: Dunkin Cappuccino, Dunkin Mocha Latte, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Gourmet Vanilla, Gourmet Chocolate

How To Take Dymatize ISO 100:

The manufacturers recommend mixing one (1) scoop to 5-6 fl. oz. (150ml-180ml) of water, milk, or your favorite beverage and mix thoroughly.

Dymatize Nutrition Iso 100 Protein Review By Bryan: “I got the new dunkin flavors and they taste amazing. I love how it also has caffeine it in. Perfect for a coffee replacement.”


Working out intensely can deplete your muscle stores of glycogen, the stored form of glucose. Because of this, post-workout carbs is essential for promoting muscle glycogen replenishment. (33)

Carbohydrate Supplement Benefits:(33,34,35,36)

  • Improve Sports Performance†
  • Delay Muscle Fatigue†
  • Increase Work Capacity†
  • Enhance Recovery†
  • Repletion Glycogen Stores†

Carbohydrate Dosages:

According to experts, 5–7 g/kg/day of carbohydrates is optimal for a moderate exerciser for benefits like replenishing glycogen stores. However, individuals with more intense training routines may require up to 8–12 g/kg/day of carbohydrates. (36)

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus:

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus

Price Per Serving (USD): $.29
Key Features: Improved Endurance†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Increased Power Output†
Flavors: Unflavored

How To Take Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus:

The manufacturer recommends to slowly blend one (1) scoop into 8-10oz of your beverage of choice. For best results, use at least twice daily and consume one (1) serving within two (2) hours of exercise.

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus Review By Andy: “Great option for post workout recovery. I like to add it with my protein shake.”


Fats like Omega-3 in contain “resolvins”  that are popular for their ability to resolve/reduce inflammation.(37) Fish oil is an example of a dietary source for Omega-3 and is generally derived from cold-water, fatty fish.

Fatty Acids Benefits: (38,39,40,41,42,43)

  • Support Heart Health†
  • Improve Metabolism†
  • Reduce Inflammation†
  • Improve Muscle Growth†
  • Reduce Blood Pressure†

Fish Oil Dosage:

Currently, there are no conclusive recommendations for EPHA and DHA, a dosage of 250–500 mg per day of combined EPA and DHA may be sufficient for healthy adults.† However some studies suggest larger doses of around 2000-5000 mg of combined EPA and DHA may be necessary for benefits. (43)

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil:

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil

Price Per Serving (USD): $.10
Key Features: Reduce Inflammation†, Improved Blood Pressure†, Support Heart Health†
Sizes: 100 Softgels, 200 Softgels

How To Take Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil:

The manufacturer recommends take one (1) softgel up to three (3) times daily with meals.

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Review By Michael: “O melhor da categoria. Excelente custo benefício!!! (The best in the class. Excellent value for money !!!)”

Section Divider: 24-hour Supplements Guide

Herbs & Adaptogens:

Adaptogens are a class of metabolic regulators derived from plants, which can support and enhance the body’s resilience to stress. These properties can expand in promoting cognitive and physical performance. (44,45)

What Is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen commonly used in folk medicine in Eastern Europe and China. Current research indicates the chemical composition of rhodiola rosea (including salidroside and rosavin) can reduce fatigue and improve endurance. (46)

Rhodiola Benefits: (46,47,48,49,50)

  • Reduce Cortisol Levels†
  • Alleviate Fatigue†
  • Improve Symptoms of Depression†
  • Increase Cognitive Functions†
  • Enhance Exercise Performance†

Rhodiola Dosage:

Research on rhodiola utilizes a wide range of dosages. However, participants experienced positive effects from 100-1500 mg/day. (50)

NOW Foods Rhodiola:


NOW Foods Rhodiola Product Page

Price Per Serving (USD): $.30 
Key Features: Improves Performance†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Promotes Cognitive Functions†
Milligrams Per Serving: 500 mg

How To Take NOW Foods Rhodiola:

The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) capsule 1 to 2 times daily on an empty stomach. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

NOW Foods Rhodiola Review By Kim: “I’m giving this 5 stars because it definitely works as far as what I wanted to take it for… (acne, anxiety, weight loss). My acne nearly cleared up in 2 weeks, I lost 5 pounds, and while it doesn’t directly help my anxiety, I don’t have the “after effects” of panic such as feeling drained, headachy, etc.”

What Is Ashwagandha?

Similar to rhodiola, ashwagandha is an adaptogen. Ashwagandha is a popular supplement for its anti-anxiety and stress-relieving effects. (51,52)

Ashwagandha Benefits: (51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58)

  • Reduce Cortisol Levels †
  • Improve Sleep†
  • Enhance Exercise Performance & Recovery †
  • Improve Inflammation †
  • Support Cognitive Functions†

Ashwagandha Dosage:

Most studies on Ashwagandha use dosages of 250–600 mg of the root extract daily. These dosages can be broken up into a morning and evening dose. Some individuals may prefer to take Ashwagandha with a meal.†

Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66:Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66 Product page

Price Per Serving (USD): $.15 
Key Features: Promote Relaxation†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Manage & Reduce Stress†
Milligrams Per Serving: 250 mg

How To Take Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66:

The manufacturer recommends take one (1) veggie capsule one to two times per day with water.

Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66 Review By Brittany: “I have small bouts of anxiety and trouble sleeping at night. I was recommended this product and for the price and quality of it, you can beat it. Whenever I am feeling anxious, this product puts me at ease. This supplement makes it very easy to sleep at night.”

What Is Ginseng?

Panax ginseng is an adaptogen common in Eastern Asia for treating ailments like hypertension. Current research suggests this plant may also have neuroprotective properties and support the immune system.†

Ginseng Benefits: (59,60,61,62,63,64,65)

  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue†
  • Enhance Recovery†
  • Decrease Muscle Soreness†
  • Improve Cognitive Performance†
  • Improve Stamina†
  • Anti-Inflammatory†

Ginseng Dosage:

Studies for ginseng tend to utilize dosages ranged from 200mg to 3000mg.†

NOW Foods Panax Ginseng:

NOW Panax Ginseng

Price Per Serving (USD): $.18 
Key Features: Anti-Inflammatory†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Improve Cognitive Performance†
Milligrams Per Serving: 1,000 mg

How To Take NOW Foods Panax Ginseng:

The manufacturer recommends taking two (2) capsules 1 to 2 times daily as needed.

NOW Foods Panax Ginseng Review By Sam: “This is one top quality brand! Love the energy I get from this product! I been using ginseng for more than 35 years and find this brand to be one of the best!!”

What Is Turmeric/Curcumin?

Curcumin is the primary bioactive substance in turmeric that provides the plants yellow pigment. This compound is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric/Curcumin Benefits: (66,67,68,69)

  • Anti-Inflammatory†
  • Boost Antioxidant Production†
  • Supports Joint Health†
  • Improve Cognitive Health†
  • Reduce LDL Cholesterol†
  • Support Muscular Recovery†

Turmeric/Curcumin Dosage:

Unfortunately, turmeric/curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body on it’s own. However, studies often use piperine, a compound found in Black Pepper, to improve it’s bioavailability. Here, dosages of around 150–2500 mg of curcumin combined with piperine may support muscle recovery.†

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95:

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95 Product Page

Price Per Serving (USD): $.50
Key Features: Supports Healthy Joint†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Immune System Booster & Antioxidant†
Milligrams Per Serving: 500 mg

How To Take Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95:

The manufacturer recommends take two (2) tablets twice daily with a meal.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turmeric 95 Review By Danny: “Works great. I use this as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. I noticed reduced swelling and aching afterward”

What Is Black Currant?

Black currant is a superfood with high profile of polyphenols. Research on this superfood suggests black currant may be superior among berries for improving athletic performance.†

Black Currant Benefits: (70,71,72)

  • Enhance Performance†
  • Anti-Inflammatory†
  • Improve Cognitive Health†
  • Supports Heart Health & Immune System†
  • Improve Metabolism†

Black Currant Dosage:

Researchers suggest consumption of black currant for 7 days at a dose of 105–210 mg anthocyanins is sufficient for improving signs of muscle damage.†

Swanson Black Currant Extract:

Swanson Black Currant Extract Product Page

Price Per Serving (USD): $.53
Key Features: Support Eye Health†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Supports Cardiovascular Health†
Milligrams Per Serving: 200 mg

How To Take Swanson Black Currant Extract:

The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) veggie capsule per day with water.

Swanson Black Currant Extract Review By Eva: “After reading about this, I decided to try this supplement for our eyes instead of bilberry. It seems to be working and it less expensive, which is great!”

What Is Tart Cherry?

Tart Cherry is a plant rich in phenolic compounds with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This super-fruit is quickly becoming a popular natural ergogenic aid for endurance athletes due to its high profile of polyphenols.†

Tart Cherry Benefits: (73,74,75,76,77)

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties†
  • Improve Exercise Performance†
  • Support Muscle Recovery†
  • Enhance Sleep Quality†
  • Improve Immunity†

Tart Cherry Dosage:

While, research varies in dosages, it appears a dose of at least 1200 mg/day is necessary to see ergogenic effects and muscle recovery. However, for performance enhancements, a dose of ~465 mg/day may be sufficient.†

Life Extension Tart Cherry:

Life Extension Tart Cherry

Price Per Serving (USD): $.20 (60 VCaps)
Key Features: Support Joint Health†, Improved Muscle Recovery†, Promotes Heart & Brain Cell Health†
Milligrams Per Serving: 480 mg

How To Take Life Extension Tart Cherry:

The manufacturer recommends one (1) capsule once or twice daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Life Extension Tart Cherry Review By Jim: “I want the benefits of cherry juice, but my low carb diet limits how much I can drink. These capsules give the concentrated goodness without the carbs. I can take these daily.”

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Wrapping Up!

And this marks the end of our post on Recovery Supplements. Thank you for reading! And as always, if there was something that wasn’t clear, another question you might have, or if you have another idea for a blog, Email Us!

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Section Divider: Warning And Side Effects

Warnings And Side Effects:

Keep out of reach of children. Products in this blog may contain milk, egg, and soy ingredients or manufactured on shared equipment which also processes products containing wheat, shellfish, fish, tree nuts and peanuts. Consult your physician prior to using these products or any other supplement or if you are taking any OTC or prescription medications. Discontinue use immediately and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reactions. Do not use these products if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing.

Section Divider: Disclaimer


†Please note the intention of the information provided is for reference only. Furthermore, we are in no way providing medical advice or instruction. Instead, the information provided in this guide/blog utilizes anecdotal information and available studies/reviews. While our goal is to maintain and display accurate information, we can’t guarantee it represents the latest formulation of the product or information. Therefore, please visit the manufacturer’s website if you have any concerns. Also, the information above does not represent our views here at Same Day Supplements. Instead, these are the manufacturers’ and users’ views and information. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Finally, the intention of these products is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

The post The Best Recovery Supplements For Muscle Growth (Guide) appeared first on Supplement Reviews Blog.


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